Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Writing our second album - The story so far

Hi Everyone

As most of you know, we've been quite busy writing trying to write songs for a new album, however its only recently that we've been able to feel like a band writing for a new album. We moved into a permanent practice space in Preston about 3 weeks ago which you can see from the pictures and we have begun practicing 3 times a week. Hopefully you've got an idea of our surroundings as we write. Before that we were doing the odd practice here and there in Bolton and before that we practiced in an old community building between Leyland and Croston. That lasted until we were told to leave for being too loud (according to the elderly residents nearby, they wouldn't have minded but its not even good music).

It was at that community building that we wrote Help Yourself (the demo on our myspace page) in a record 2 months, haha. Although it was in between touring our first album, it still felt like a hell of a long time to write one song. The next few songs managed to come together a lot easier than that one, but we had still only started writing new songs a fair few months after we started touring 'What We Are Today'. That meant that it was really hard to get back into the writing process and explains why Help Yourself took 2 months to write.

Fast Forward to this point in time and we now have 10 songs in various stages of completion, about 5 are completely finished with all music and vocals written, 3 are finished musically with some vocals written, and 2 are only finished musically with no vocals. Our plan is to write maybe 5 or 6 more songs and pick the best 11 or 12 to go on the album. Things like album artwork and a name for the album have been discussed, but at the moment we've been concentrating on writing the songs so much that we haven't really knuckled down to sorting any of those ideas out, however they will be revealed in due course.

That's all for now

Si x