Friday, 21 September 2007



We're sort of half way though our tour now, its been a good time although I've been putting up with a bit of a knee injury but nothing too bad. We've also had problems with our equipment too which also puts a bit of a downer on things. I've had to borrow guitar amps on two occasions now so a big thanks to Tripdash and Drive Like I Do for helping me out. While we're also on the subject on thanking people we'd also like to thank Josie for putting us up in Newcastle and Charlie for being a legend and looking after us in Scotland.

It's been an interesting tour purely because of the fact that we're playing off our own backs and not supporting anyone else, which we havent really done so much before. We've had some great gigs and some gigs where i think we expected maybe a few more people to turn up because we've played those places a few times before. No matter how many people have been there though, its been really nice to know that the majority of people who have seen us on this tour have been there to see us, and so a big thanks to everyone who took the time to come and see us play.

As you'd expect, there hasnt been much progress musically on the Album from the last time I posted although Jim is writing lyrics and coming up with ideas for the songs that are unfinished all the time. We'll be meeting up with Pete (Miles, Producer) in the next few days to talk about how we want everything to sound and where we're going to record. I take it you've heard the new demo we put on our myspace page, if not, go and listen to it now, haha. Out of all the songs we've written, Without Warning is probably one of the simplest and most accessible. The way the album is shaping, parts of it are probably going to be as aggressive as the last one but theres going to be a coherence and a certain amount of control that was maybe missing on the last one but that we've been keen to explore. I guess it would be a massive cliche to say its been a "natural progression", that the heavy bits sound heavier and the chilled out bits sound more chilled out, so im not going to say that. All I'll say is that to me if feels like we're writing with more intelligence than we were two years ago. Its up to you to decide what it sounds like when it eventually comes out.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Tour Dates

Hey everyone,

We're heading out on tour this month around the UK and then in Europe in November. Here are the dates so please check them out! Thanks. Love Failsafe


12 RHYL - Bar Blu
13 DUNDEE - Fats Sams
15 ARBROATH - Viewfield Hotel
17 GLASGOW - Bar Bloc
18 NEWCASTLE - Krash
19 MANCHESTER - The Phoenix *PBR! Launch Party*
21 KEIGHLEY - Vanilla Lounge
25 BRIGHTON - Free Butt
26 SOUTHAMPTON - Unit 22
27 EXETER - Cavern


16 Phoenix - Moormerland
17 Musikbox - Minden
20 Schlachthaus - Dornbirn
21 Torwart - Weissenburg
22 Irreal - Aulendorf
23 B-Hof - Wuerzburg
24 Kuckucksnest - Berchtesgaden
27 Sonic Ballroom - Koln
29 MS Stubnitz (show on a ship) - Amsterdam
30 B58 - Braunschweig
1 Groene Engel - OSS
2 De Bliksem - Den Helder