Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Album done, when is it out?

The Truth Is....We don't know yet, hahaha (see what I did there, im so sodding funny)

Anyway crap puns aside we sort of left this Blog unfinished for a while as we had to get the album finished, dash off to go on tour with A Wilhelm Scream and then begin working on getting the Album released and whatnot. I'll start with what happened after we recorded the guitars.

Finishing Recording

As you might have picked up on from the Eat The Rich Video, the Vocals were already being laid down as we were doing everything else, but by the time all the Drums, Bass and Guitars were finished there was still a few whole songs worth of vocals to do and a lot of songs needed re-doing and finishing off vocal wise as well. At this point we were going really mental, I moved on to playing Tekken 4. Rob was punishing Pro Evo on the PSP, I cant really remember what Andy was doing, probably drinking lots of tea, while Jim and Matt cracked on with the vocals and Andy occasionally chipped in to do the odd 3 part harmony. As ever, Pete had plenty of ideas for vocal Harmony's and 3rd part Harmony's and ideas which we mostly utilised. I think out of all the things that Pete helps us out with as a producer, rather than an engineer, its definatly with ideas for vocal Harmony's. So we did all that, mixed it a few times, mastered it a few times, listened to it loads and then went on tour....

A Wilhelm Scream/Failsafe/All Idols Fall

It's definatly weird going on tour straight after recording for that amount of time, they're like the complete opposite thing. But what can be said about the tour apart from its great to play with a band like Wilhelm who you not only respect and enjoy their music but most of all they play like they mean it, of course the same goes for All Idols Fall and it was great to meet both bands and get on with them too, as it always is when you go on tour with other bands. So yeh.. we toured, played to lots of people, some who probably hadn't seen us before, had some good party times, (Swindon MILF's.....uber lol's) and felt a little bit gutted when we had to stop. Here we all are in Cardiff, just before we all went home..

Album Release

Ok so now we have an album recorded and lots of people are asking when its coming out and in all seriousness, we don't know yet. We're in the middle of talking to labels and sorting this, that and the other out and its pretty fustrating because we really just wanna get it out so we can start playing the new songs live and really caining it, but we also realised that in order to carry on doing what we do, we need to play the game a little bit. Not in a bad way but do we want to really get the album pushed when its released and we've also done a bit of a video and we have ideas for a possible single and things like that, we're also thinking about festivals in the summer too. So unfortunatly things are taking a bit of time but of course we will be letting you know what the crack is when its all falling into place.

For now heres the tracklisting for the album:

1. Only If We Learn
2. A Common Goal
3. Without Warning
4. Cities & Headlights
5. Hope
6. Mirror, Mirror
7. Deadwood
8. Guilt on Dirty Hands
9. When Words Run Out
10. Help Yourself
11. Too Much To Ask

bye bye x