Monday, 20 August 2007

Suspended Animation


So a little bit has happened since I last posted but not too much really. We jammed some ideas a few weeks ago and wrote some more music so we now have another song minus the vocals nearly finished. However we've relaxed a little bit for a few reasons. One is that Jim got offered the chance to act in a production which was part of the Edinburgh Fringe and so he's been there this past week. Also Rob started his stint driving Sonic Boom Six around for a few gigs including their slots at Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend. Next week ill also be away in Cyprus for a week.

So to fill the time we started recording some demos last week with Matt, getting some of the music recorded. Matt started buying microphones and getting interested in Recording and Production maybe 12-18 months ago. Since then he's bought a mac running Logic (a music program) and some other pre-amps/interfaces/shiny things with buttons that i cant remember the names of after that. So now we have the option of recording what we've done and listening back to it ourselves which is really handy. For us writing the music, and hearing it played back without us having to play our instruments, noticing what parts sound nicer together than others, for Jim and Matt to work with at home and think of melodies and lyrics and also for sending to Pete (Miles, Producer) when the vocals are finished and recorded so he has an idea of what our songs are going to sound like before we record the Album proper and also gives him ideas on how best to record us......

....Speaking of which, Me, Rob, Andy and Matt went to Sandhill Studios ( in Liverpool the other day to see Sonic Boom Six and Pete putting the finishing touches to their new Album 'Arcade Perfect'. It's sounding really really good, and for being stuck in an underground studio for 2 weeks suprisingly there were actually no signs of cabin fever, i think if there were, then its been taken over by excitement from it all coming together and their record being so close to being finished. We did some group shouts on one of the songs and after looking round we are now seriously considering the studio as the place we'll record our album too.