Friday, 16 November 2007


Hello Friends

It's just occurred to me that I only write these things once a month, that doesn't really seem a lot but it doesn't really seem like theres too much to tell you apart from that we're writing our album, blah blah blah. When it comes to January we'll try to update every day or at least every couple of days with pictures and videos and things because then at least new things will be happening all the time. We've literally just got to the first venue in Germany for the first date of our tour but before that we were working on another new song which takes our tally up to 12 songs. We'll be able to use the boring time in the van to carry on working on vocals, when we get back we might have time to write another song but it will be mostly tidying up everything, sorting out a tracklisting, i guess you could call it pre pre production or something because im sure we'll go over everything again after that.

We've also decided on a name for the new album, its going to be called 'The Truth is...' and we've actually been talking about artwork ideas today in the van and we have some good ideas knocking about so we can sort that out once we get back. Not much more to say really so i wont bore you with unnecessary waffle but ill write another one of these maybe half way through the tour and let you know how its going. Last time we came to Europe it was fantastic and so im sure this time will be the same, just much colder, haha.