Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Rob Speaks

Alright team, I've never done this before, but i thought id relieve Si from his duties for once. I guess this post will be mainly about the drums because thats all i know really, so i hope it doesn't bore you non drummers too much.

We've been here a week now and we still have 10 days left, but we are quite ahead of schedule. Theres only 2 more songs for drums and bass too do, we've already punished 10. Me and Andy are recording the drums and bass together and its sounding amazing, it means we can both just go for it without the restriction of headphones and feeling a bit stiff. Its giving the record a great Vibe, an energy that was possibly missing from 'What We Are Today'. The Kit is sounding awesome, although the bass drum and cymbals are the only things of mine that I'm using. Pete (Miles) is a wizard on eBay so he now has a selection of beautiful DW toms which he got for stupidly cheap, so I'm using them, they sound huge. Non of the toms are from the same kit though, thats why the kit might look a bit weird on the photos. The snare I'm using is a Mapex, its solid bronze and weighs heavier than me, it sounds so phat, its got the exact sound i was after so im a happy bunny!

Thats about all for now i think, so I'm off to get a little stir crazy and play more Pro Evo than my eyes can handle

take it easy, catch you on the A Wilhelm Scream tour hopefully

Rob x

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