Friday, 11 January 2008

The Bass..

Hey everyone,

This is me, Andy...

So for the Bass, we got off to a great start. Even better than we could have hoped, as soon as I plugged in and played, it sounded great! I've been using all my own gear, and got the exact sound I was aiming for. I've been using my Ampeg 8x10 and Ampeg Classic Series Head. The Cabinet has had a Mic in front of one speaker, and we've been mixing that signal with one taken from a Sansamp. I've also been using my American Fender Jazz which has been awesome, here's some photos of my stuff...

Me and Rob have been recording Drums and Bass together which is giving the album a great vibe, because we feel the energy and live sound, mixed with the great overall instrument sound is being captured perfectly, and is laying down the perfect foundations for the guitars and vocals to record onto.

So the feel of the songs is perfect for me, as the bass sound is just like I'm used to, so the songs are sounding the same to me as when we wrote them so it's all feeling natural. Me and Rob have only one song left to record, and are so happy with what we've done so far!

So for now, thanks for reading and keep coming back!


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Andrew said...

Nice photos, although I don't understand any technical side any synths and interludes?