Saturday, 12 January 2008

The Guitars


Its my turn to be a geek about Guitars, so here we go. Guitar-wise things have been going well, we've tracked all the main guitars and we just have little bits to touch up. Me and Matt have done one main guitar track each, no guitar overdubs or anything apart from on a couple of songs just to thicken the sound up slightly but most of the time the songs haven't needed it.

We've both managed to get a great sound from the start. I've used a two channel Marshall JCM 800 from the 1980's which is the studio's, into a knackered Marshall cab with some special speakers that sound amazing (Pete informs me that they're Celestion heritage 20 watt greenback reissue speakers, just in case any guitar nerds wanted to know, haha!) Matt's been playing through his Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier from the 1990's, (Older amps always sound better) through the same cab. Matt's also used Pete's Diezel VH4 on a couple of songs too.

In a bid to keep it sounding consistent we've stuck to using only these amps and not gone crazy using loads of different amps for different songs. Instead we've used a few different guitars to suit different songs. I've used mostly my own guitar, my trusty Fender Cyclone which ive used practically my whole gigging life and Matt used his recently purchased Fender Telecaster. We also used Pete's Fender Stratocaster and Gibson Les Paul Custom.

We also used this box which is a magic box and you'll hear it all over the album...

...and heres some sexy pics of us playing through all this sexy gear


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Andrew said...

Sounds like the album recording is all going well. Must be a relief if you haven't had any major problems and it sounds how you want it to.

I had to miss you playing in Manchester due to uni exams, so I took a quick trip to London to catch the tour at the Underworld.

All Idols Fall sounded really good and their EP is brilliant. Your new songs sounded exciting, so I am very much looking forward to the new album.

And I'd only seen A Wilhelm Scream supporting before and they were ace this time.

Hope the rest of the recording goes well and what is the album artwork?